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All metal Hotend Heater block pinch type


1 in stock (can be backordered)

For smaller quantities and no lead times, Please go to rapidfilament.co.za

Deluxe heater block for standard nozzles. Utilizes a 6mm heater cartridge and M4 thermistor cartridge. This new design still has a precision tolerance H7 hole for the heater cartridge, but in addition has a pinch arrangement, these 2 features in combination allows for absolute maximum heat transfer. The heater block is slightly bigger to give better thermal mass and limit heat fluctuations. The pinching screw itself is countersink and utilises a slotted head, as the hex types damages too easily. The recess for the thermistor cartridge is threaded M4 and utilises our unique heater cartridge and won’t pull out, protecting your hotend from thermal runaway. We have colored the hot-end red and added a “Hot surface” warning symbol to warn users

1 review for All metal Hotend Heater block pinch type

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Well machined. Was expecting E3D dimensions but its 3mm longer and the nozzle is offset closer to the short side. I get the feeling that the bigger mass functions better with exotic filaments. Longer heat up time takes getting used to.

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