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Filament Factory SuperPLA™ (PETG) Black


R258.16 inc VAT

For smaller quantities and no lead times, Please go to rapidfilament.co.za
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Specially formulated Filament Factory SuperPLA Black, blended to give best flow and best strength. SuperPLA is as durable as ABS, almost as strong as nylon and as easy to use as PLA.

Supplied on a plastic reel 200 diameter x 80mm width x 100mm bore All our filament is standard 1.75mm diameter. This material is available in 2.85mm.
Weight is 1kg filament.
We recommend 245degC nozzle temp, 90degC bed, cooling fan on.
This product is highly susceptible to moisture and might require drying before use

Please Note there might be a lead time of up to a week if there is not currently stock, Please call to check stock and production schedule if urgent.

Manufactured in South Africa.

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

11 reviews for Filament Factory SuperPLA™ (PETG) Black

  1. Dieter Gribnitz (verified owner)

    I have been printing with Super PLA 24/7 for about 2 weeks now without a hitch ever since I got my first printer up and running. The prints are beautiful and much stronger than I ever could have anticipated. Solid components tend to bend instead of break when you apply force with a couple of vice grips. When printing with a 0.1 resolution I can hardly notice any horizontal lines. Great product.

  2. m.kapnoudhis (verified owner)

    Print quality is amazing with this black SuperPLA. The surfaces have a beautiful sheen. Parts are solid and strong like ABS and print with ease like PLA with no warping. I have not tried finer resolution than 0.2 mm yet. I would recommend a nozzle temp of 260, I find this helps the first layer to bond better than at 245.

  3. P. Smit (verified owner)

    I have been using PETG from other suppliers in the past. I tried this product coming at a much cheaper price. I have tried the flourrecent green and this black and are impressed with the quality of prints. Almost zero spiderweb strings and consistent printing without problems. I print on 70 deg C for the bed and 260 deg C for the hotend. Plastic is strong, glossy and prints very easy.

  4. regardtjordaan (verified owner)

    Nothing but good quality prints.

  5. Jody (verified owner)

    Good quality. Recomended print temp is perfect

  6. Mark Z (verified owner)

    Very happy with SuperPLA and FF delivery and service good. (Note: not qualified to rate this but…) Not sure if shelf life of something to do with the pigment but the black gave me better quality to date; the clear (still very good) and blue (seemed a bit more rough but also the oldest stock I have).

  7. Brandon Piner (verified owner)

    Very happy with this filament

  8. Luke Harrison (verified owner)

    First prints were fine and then I tried a large surface area print and had some warping so I had to cancel it. Benefit of the doubt goes to filament factory since it was a particularly cold day and the printer is not enclosed. Going to try the print again with a few different settings and see how it works out. In general though this produces good looking prints which are very strong.

  9. gillybot3d (verified owner)

    Very happy with this filament

  10. lizeth (verified owner)

    Satisfied with the quality of this filament. End product is strong and durable and neat

  11. Andries De Lange (verified owner)

    Filament Factory Pet-G is one of the best PET-G’s I worked with. This black is my favorite, strong, prints easy with enough flexibility for snap fit items. The black does well to hide those inevitable small errors that occur from time to time. Easy to file and drill, taps small screws very securely if calibrated.

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