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Filament Factory is a small business started by engineers in Feb 2013 to further democratize the additive manufacturing revolution.

Shocked at the cost of filament for out beloved 3D printers, and knowing the prices of the raw materials, we set about to create an affordable, self contained, industrial strength filament creation system, and the Filament Factory was born.

Typical industrial units cost in the order of $100 000 and will deliver 100 fpm or more of filament (10 kg/hr). These system are highly optimized and typically meant for only one or 2 types type of material.

Personal filament makers are slow, unreliable and does not lend itself to a business

What We Do

Enter the Filament factory. With a modest start up cost of ~R176000 it will deliver 2-5 kg per hour in almost any thermoplastic (we have not tried PEEK or PTFE)  reliably, accurately, consistently and easily.

These units are packaged on a foldable steel table, for use in garage, hacker-spaces, 3d printing buro, remote locations, in fact anywhere where 3D printing is changing the world and material is required.

The units are easily managed by one person and scales readily, 4 units will reliably deliver 10kg/hr  @ $34 000, competing against industrial systems costing 3 times the price and requires a highly skilled technician. Such systems also deliver redundancy, minimizing your business risk.

Feel free to contact us for business opportunities as well as samples of the filament made

Our Product

To supplement the Filament Factory, we also supply raw material and masterbatch (the coloring agents) in large and small quantities. The coloring agents are guaranteed consistent in terms of strength and color, ensuring your customers can get the same color over and over

As the Filament factory is capable of producing filament in all kinds of thermoplastics (and other materials) it stands to reason you and/or your customers will need a hot end that is capable of the same. We are currently developing an all metal hot end just for those reasons.

Located in Roodepoort, South Africa, just west of Johannesburg, our small manufacturing facility is a mere 36 square metres. There are plans for expansion in the coming months (Sep 2013)