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Instructions for getting the best results from your filament

  1. Never hook the end of the coil underneath another coil in the spool for storage. This will cause a jam as it is effectively a knot, rather insert the end of the coil into the spool start eye or print a clip
  2. Most filaments are incredibly water absorbing. This causes problems when extruded, creating steam pockets which interrupt the flow of the plastic. You can hear this as a slight popping sound during printing. Dry out your spool of filament by placing it in the oven on a wood sheet, and bake at 60 deg C for at least 8 hours. This should be done if the spool has been out in the atmosphere for more that 2 days. We are in the process of developing a dehumidifying chamber for spool storage
  3. Make sure your hot end is calibrated properly and capable of the temperature required for the material being printed. Printing hot will cause the polymer to degrade, chemically as well as aesthetically. Printing too cold will put a lot of strain on the extruder, leading to slipping and a clogged feed wheel/hobbled bolt and possible an overheated stepper
  4. Keep the spools out of dusty areas, the filament is normally slightly electrically charged and will attract particles from the air. This in turn will lead to blockages in the extruder nozzle.
  5. Each colour has a “sweet spot” where it operates optimally, we are busy creating objects and printing programs that will show you these settings, this is a very similar procedure to an inkjet printer receiving a new cartridge.