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Filament Factory Hi-Flo ABS ™ Black

R229.00 inc VAT

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Specially formulated Filament Factory ABS  blend to give best flow and best strength. Supplied on a plastic reel 200 diameter x 80mm width x 100mm bore All our filament is standard 1.75mm diameter.
Weight is 1kg filament. Bed 110, Nozzle 235.
We recommend, no cooling fan and preferably an enclosure.
Please Note there might be a lead time of 7 – 10 working days if there is not currently stock or longer if large orders.  Please call to check stock and production schedule if urgent.

Manufactured in South Africa

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

17 reviews for Filament Factory Hi-Flo ABS ™ Black

  1. Matthew Kapnoudhis (verified owner)

    Got my black filament within a week of purchase. I have printed a couple of things with this filament already and I am really surprised at the quality of the filament. Better than I got from any of the expensive filaments. I will definitely buy all my filament from filament factory in the future.

  2. Fauve October (verified owner)

    Grear quality filament and service

  3. S Singh (verified owner)

    In detail Review:

    Details of Filament:
    Measured Weight (Filament + Reel + Water absorber): 915g of which, 10g water absorber.
    Calculated Density: +/-935.4 kg/m^3
    Calculated Length: +/-400.25m

    My opinion of this filament is that it is really good quality filament. I am using the filament on the Da Vinci 1.0A which is a printer designed to be used with XYZ’s mediocre filament. The filament from Filament Factory is superior in strength and flexibility. However, a warning to those using the XYZ printer, this filament, as any other 3rd party filament needs the machine to be ‘flashed’ such that the minimum extruder time can be changed otherwise I’ve found that the filament doesn’t get enough time to cool (at 212 degrees Celsius) when doing single cylinders of approx. <4mm diameter and thus the cylinder begins to wobble.

  4. Luke Hibbert (verified owner)

    Printed over 100 parts for a client using 6 kg and taking over 500 hours of printing. Not a single issue or inconsistency. Excellent quality, FF is the only filament supplier I use for a reason.

  5. jlouw70 (verified owner)

    Printed half a roll of black abs. Success rate is about 95% on my prints, so very happy with quality. First time buyers at Filament factory take note of the spool dimensions.. caught me off guard and took me a day to make something to fit the new spool size.

  6. camryn777 (verified owner)

    Filament quality is great and awesome friendly service.

  7. jamie.macpherson (verified owner)

    Awesome product and brilliant service, and no delay in delivery

  8. Deon Eksteen (verified owner)

    I have been buying this filament from Filament Factory for more than a year now. Compared to name branded filament it out performs them by far with regards to quality and reliability. It does not matter which colour you buy, just set your temperature @ 235 degrees and press the print button. Same consistent result every time. Well done Stephan !!

  9. Bryan (verified owner)

    Great quality

  10. Arnold (verified owner)

    Awesome service

  11. Pieter

    Works well with my UP Box on glass surface @ standard up settings.

  12. Pieter

    Works well with my UP Box on glass surface with standard settings – Thanks Stephan.

  13. Michael Roberts (verified owner)

    its great stuff, and I don’t use anything else

  14. Michael Roberts (verified owner)

    its great stuff, and I don’t use anything else,,, Brilliant

  15. georgejohandyason

    I’ve used this filament since I started printing. I have never had any problems and the black is actually black compared to other more expensive filament brands that are either dark blue or a really horrible dark green.

  16. George Dyason (verified owner)

    It’s black. not darkish green or sort of blue. IT’S BLACK. overall great product

  17. jansenvanvuuren00 (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money, unbeatable quality that delivers a true black. No issues with delamination/warping compared to other products.

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