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Filament Factory PETG™ Arctic White

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Specially formulated Filament Factory PETG Arctic White, blended to give best flow and best strength.

Supplied on a plastic reel 200 diameter x 80mm width x 100mm bore All our filament is standard 1.75mm diameter. This material is not available in 2.85mm.
Weight is 1kg filament.

This product is highly susceptible to moisture and might require drying before use

Please Note there might be a lead time of up to a week if there is not currently stock, Please call to check stock and production schedule if urgent.

Manufactured in South Africa.

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

8 reviews for Filament Factory PETG™ Arctic White

  1. Neil (verified owner)

    Great colour and awesome layer adhesion. Stephan has been kind enough to help me out with the settings as I am a noob with 3d printing. I get great results at .3mm Layers, but have not printed at higher resolutions yet.

  2. Peter Bardin (verified owner)

    Different to PLA (says PETG on the roll) but once you change settings on your slicer it prints well. I like the springiness and the lack of shrinkage Bed temperature 70 degrees and hotend 245 degrees worked for me. Lift the Z a little (0.2mm) and slow it down. first layer 15mm/s and the rest between 50 for perimeters and 45 for infill.

  3. P. Smit (verified owner)

    I printed with Filament Factory’s PETG in Black, fluorescent green, Blue and white. All printed very well and I am very satisfied with the results. I found the settings on white required to be a bit different from the other colours. All the other colours print best at 260 deg C hotend temp on my printer. White however was more tricky to find the sweet spot and needed to be printed at lower temp 245 or 250 deg C. You might have to re-calibrate your feeding rate to a lower setting as well than with ABS to prevent blobs on your printing work. I will buy PETG (Super PLA) from Filament Factory again. Good product, nice strength and easy to prinbt with once you got the settings correct. (70 deg C on bed works well for me) I printed with 0.4 mm hotend and 0.2 and 0.3 mm layer thickness.

  4. brandon2255p (verified owner)

    Really happy with this plastic. Was able to tune the correct settings fairly quickly.

  5. Stefan Jacobsz (verified owner)

    This stuff is super strong, printed very well! I will be ordering again and try some other colours too. Seems much stronger than ABS even.

  6. Kevin Fourie (verified owner)

    Very happy with the arctic white. Once I got the correct settings it is great. printing at 0.15, bed at 80 and hot end 245. it almost sticks too well to the bed. but that is better than it coming loose. I print on klapton tape on the bed it it is the best. I will definitely be getting more PETG ( Super PLA). Great Product!!

  7. Chris van Gerve (verified owner)

    Very happy with the arctic white. Printing at 240ºC and bed 65ºC. Printing on masking tape and hairspray

  8. Henco Joubert (verified owner)

    Really good stuff, hands down the best PETG i’ve ever had

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