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Filament Factory SuperPLA™ PETG Clear



For smaller quantities and no lead times, Please go to rapidfilament.co.za
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SDE – Strong, Durable and Easy to use.

Specially formulated Filament Factory SuperPLA Clear, blended to give best flow and best strength. SuperPLA is as durable as ABS, almost as strong as nylon and as easy to use as PLA.

Supplied on a plastic reel 200 diameter x 80mm width x 100mm bore All our filament is standard 1.75mm diameter. This material is not available in 2.85mm.
Weight is 1kg filament.
We recommend 245degC nozzle temp, 90degC bed, cooling fan on.
This product is highly susceptible to moisture and might require drying before use

Please Note there might be a lead time of up to a week if there is not currently stock, Please call to check stock and production schedule if urgent.

Manufactured in South Africa.

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

4 reviews for Filament Factory SuperPLA™ PETG Clear

  1. Pieter La Grange

    Very easy to print with minimal shrinkage.

    I tried printing a small solid transparent test cube, and after more than 10 prints with various settings and temperatures all the way from 230 to 260 I give up and will not try to use this filament for anything transparent.
    { We refer you to this guide http://taulman3d.com/t-glase-features.html}

  2. stephan kotze

    No FDM type process will print transparent. We refer you to this guide

  3. Luke

    Decnt clear filament, acheived decent clarity with a 0.025mm print height at 250°c with 115% extrusion, also worked well.at 0.05 or 0.1 layer heights with the same settings, adding a simple clear coat makes it surprisingly clear aswell, smoothing with chemicals like ethyl acetate or methyl ethyl ketone makes the part very smooth but cloudy.

  4. Chris van Gerve (verified owner)

    Nice printing color. Printing at 245ºC and bed 60ºC fan 70% on masking tape and hairspray. Prints decent even on 0.4 layer height

  5. krooisant (verified owner)

    Good quality petg printed easier than some of the other brands I bought in the past. It was slightly greyer than the esun PLA clear fillament I used in the past but still good.

    I printed at 250 with a bed temp of 60 and it sat like a dream. I will definitely buy again.

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