Great excitement here at filament factory. PLA is finally on the way from China, we now have fluorescent colours as well as Glow in the Dark, a water clear ABS and a new grade of ABS that matches the ABS used in commercial machines and more suited towards the UP! printers. Finally we are testing the ABS/ Poly-carbonate blends to give better product performance as used in the bigger commercial machines. Lastly, we have received an extrudable grade of Nylon similiar to the Taulman product. Watch this space for test results

On the hardware side, out hot ends are selling like hot cakes( couldn’t resist), with 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 and experimental 0.8mm nozzles available. To keep up with demand we have bought a Mazak Quickturn CNC Lathe that will take up duties soon.

We are also developing a new cold end which will be practically bulletproof, auto feeding and super accurate regardless of filament thickness.

On the Filament factory side, we have installed a Laser micrometer on the Filament factory as well as a new vaccuum dryer. You can now expect much better consistency with the filament, all in our goal of achieving ISO9000 rating on the filaments